I am a mom of three. I love fast cars, food, and a glass of prosecco here and there. I was born a people person! Most importantly I love life and the people in it!

I published a Scottish Lifestyle Magazine back in 2015 and it was a huge success. It was a one woman band for about a year, then I managed to find a great little team of eager budding journalists who were happy to help me out after issue 1. FF Magazine Scotland made it to issue 4. As much as I loved having the publication time constraints of being a single mom and my ever so busy life, made me come to a decision. I continued to work on my photography and after the “colourful” ending to a very interesting “relationship”, I decided the only way to keep releasing was to “talk, talk, talk”, this time making things a bit more personal. Kolours UK started of as a pet project to share my intimate side using photography. I decided to combine that with my inquisitive mind and put together this blog. A sound board, a place to release, a place to just talk about what I have in my head. Especially after partaking in an evening of prosecco!

Kolours UK is an Editorial “Glass of Prosecco” at the end of the day!  A place to read, see, wear, watch, learn & do!

What ever your gender and sexual preference, Kolours UK is aimed for everyone!

Enjoy the blog, and if you want me to talk about anything specific, please do not hesitate and get in touch. I have a live chat window if you just fancy a friendly screen to offload!

Yemi King x


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