A Pitstop for Miss Go-Go-Go: Champneys Tring

A Pitstop for Miss Go-Go-Go: Champneys Tring



A LUXURIOUS PITSTOP: at the“home” Champneys Health Spa

Tring is home to one of four spectacular venues owned by Champneys luxury spa resorts. A 45 min drive from Weybridge, where I was visiting, via the infamously stressful M25; arriving to these gates was the best thing that could have happened at an “oh so perfect” time. After 4 weeks and over 1500 miles of driving in and out of Scotland, I took a much needed time-out to discover the new Marine and Wellness Spa at Champneys Tring – “Britain’s original health spa”.

What can you do at Champneys? Each resort has their unique stamp on making women and men experience ultimate bliss. On my tour through the jam-packed equipped facility, I found various pools, a gym, saunas, area for foot and hand manicures, and the relaxation hideaway.

When I was taken past the Relaxation hideaway, I fell in love. The ambience from the room just screamed “Relax”  The room had a quiet buzz, with people clad in robes. Some sleeping under duvets and the mood music though! A room I knew I would probably enjoy the most. 

On these beautiful grounds you will also find, Tennis courts, large beautiful rooms to unwind and read in. If you are here for the primary reason of fitness; there are 20 classes to choose from. There are also a selection of boot camps and bookable treatments to fill your day with.

Also, If you plan ahead, you can also reserve a chauffeur driven Bentley!





Champneys teamed up with the French Marine Spa beauty company, Thalgo.

Now guests can experience unique seawater and marine treatments. These come from their beliefs that the “riches of the sea” can promote healing, revitalising and rebalancing of the body. The treatment’s basis is on the use of oxygen, infra-red, water and a unique salt.


•Wellbeing Rejuvenation

•De-stress & Revive

•Slim & Tone


•Detox and Cleanse

For those who know me and my penchant for the more than occasional glass of prosecco, you would think I would leaning towards the Detox option. But thinking about my continued mental and physical health, healing process from my life issues AND the next few days with the 500 plus miles I still had to face…( she stops to breathe) I would have been crazy not to go for the De-stress and Revive: Relax and ease tensions, energise and uplift!

Prior to the treatment, lovely Esme had me fill out a medical form. I have a condition called “Poly Glandular Autoimmune Syndrome – Type 3. Long story short, I have a number of autoimmune issues that flare up at the same time or individually depending on my “environment”. Anything from chronic fatigue to chronic pain. One part of this is Thyroid disease. I take thyroxine.

When I handed Esme back my form she made me aware that I would have to swap the seaweed wrap with the mud wrap. Why? I asked. Oddly, I had been craving Sushi for weeks and the thought of being wrapped up in seaweed made for some interesting visions in my head! I was informed of how the seaweed could effect my thyroid hormone levels and it wouldn’t be wise to use this. I was thankful that I had been warned, the way my body works, something could flare up and I wouldn’t generally know what it was and just have to live with the symptom until it passed.

I was lead to the back room to change into the my Champneys robe and flip flops. My belongings were stored safely for me. I missed the changing rooms area, so I was grateful for this gesture. After changing I started the journey with a luxurious milk bath and foot spa. The benefits of this treatment is to leave the skin of the feet smooth. I really did appreciate the new pressure under my feet rather than the feeling of a pedal to the metal. 

Esme handed me a shot of L’oceane shot: It has regenerating and rebalancing properties. The marine plasma is physically, physiologically and chemically identical to our internal organism, and an essential support for cellular life. 100% natural marine plasma, provides the body with all the vital energy of the sea. It was extremely salty, but I washed it down with some water and I was feeling all good!

By the way, it is super important to keep yourself hydrated during and especially after these treatments.

NEO QVI Steam/Shower…

After 10-15 min my feet, lovely and smooth were removed from the foot spa and I was lead to the chambers with the Neo Qvi Steam/Shower. The room, dimmed with mood music softly playing in the background, had this machine in it which resembled something out of a Dr.Who episode. I was intrigued.

I changed into my glamorous paper panties and Esme lifted the hood and I laid down. A bit hard and bumpy and tiny bit chilly, I was so unsure of what to expect. Esme explained the process of the hydrotherapy procedure. Firstly, I would experience the infra red steam that will make me sweat out the toxins in my body. After this, the “bed” I laid upon would send vibrations to increase circulation, then I would be showered down from neck to toe to cleanse it all away.

It was unreal. I have found my new thing on my christmas list, I want one of these on a daily basis. It was so relaxing, the feeling of the vibrations and jets of water were soothing and felt incredible.

The experience was about 20 mins or so and I felt amazing after, even though I don’t like sweating. But I felt the difference immediately, boy did I have a lot of toxins stored within me. Feeling on cloud nine, I was next lead to where my body scrub and mud wrap would be administered.


As I mentioned earlier, the treatment would have had seaweed if it weren’t for my health condition. The wrap, “with algae and peppermint and lavender essential oils is combined with the relaxing mineral wrap bed to give a sensation of weightlessness easing tensions away and allows the minerals, trace elements and vitamins to works to stimulate your body and your senses.”

My alternative was The Sweet and Savoury Body Scrub and Mud Wrap. The scrub consisted of brown sugars and citrus Mediterranean oils. Very sticky but soothing being coated in this and feeling it’s exfoliating actions added to my mental escape. I remained in the room wrapped up in plastic, I had no choice but to close my eyes and take in the mood music. For the first time in a long time, I was forced, willingly, to lay there and reflect on what I was going through. I never give myself a chance to “stop, breathe, and relax”. I felt myself drift away in the darkness of the cozy room. I came back from the land of nod when Lynda walked into the room. She was startled by the total darkness. It didn’t bother me, it did actually help me zone out properly. She showed me the shower and I washed off the mud and returned to the have the Marine Cold Cream applied to my body. It left a cool and tingly feeling on my skin. I felt super fresh and unbelievably relaxed.

Wow, THIS is what it feels like to let go…


She showed me through to the Salt and Oxygen Room. The room was beautiful. Sitting down on a bench with magazine in hand, I witnessed jets of mist of salt engulf the room. It was a bit weird at first as the taste of salt through your nostrils and throat was a bit overwhelming. But once I got used to it, by having a nice breathing rhythm, I could feel the effects.

The benefits of this room are to revive and re-energises you, to give a lovely ending to the full de-stress treatment. I felt alert and clear headed. I was also given a serenity marine tea made up of silver lime and bitter orange, this infused organic tea can help boost the immune system and reduce mental stress and anxiety.

I stayed in long enough to flick through a Vogue magazine working out what I would photograph next.

The treatment now over and I am feeling totally satisfied I get dressed back into my outdoor clothes, and head over to the dining room for my lunch, and to boast to my friends on social media about my experience away from the rat race for 2 and half hours.


I was escorted to my table, bottles of water were placed every where. It is really important to keep drinking water as a lot of fluids were removed during the steam treatment. The set up for lunch was a buffet. Everyone still wearing their robes and sitting and chatting, the room had a nice buzz to it.

I don’t normally eat well during the day due to my work, but I was feeling quite peckish after the treatment. I enjoyed the wonderful salads and the light chicken dishes and healthy choices of desserts. The balance of the ingredients filled me up without making me feel “bloated”.

I sat for a few mins after I finished eating and then made my way through the gardens and took a deep breath and thought about my day.  Well, it wasn’t even a day, for a few hours, but yet I felt I had been there for more.



so much to experience…

There is so much for one to do at Champneys Tring, and I would definitely recommend staying overnight to really get the “full” experience. But, if you are like me then a day visit is a rewarding reminder that you are human and need a break.

A day visit to Tring starts at just over £100. The cost includes, 9am-6pm day with a 3 course buffet lunch. Full access to the fitness classes and other spa experiences, which can be found on their website. The treatment I had is an additional cost and bookable in advance of your visit. My treatment starts from £129.

The team at Champneys were helpful, knowledgable, kind and sincere. Though it can be quite busy, there is always someone there on hand to guide and assist you. Since this visit I have done 2400 miles of driving. I will be booking my overnight stay in Champneys very soon!






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