Jonathan Aston for Valentine’s or More

Jonathan Aston for Valentine’s or More

Ooh weee, you lot are in for a treat!

I got my legs out for you after discovering the amazing sensual hosiery brand, Jonathan Aston London.

Jonathan Aston hails from Leicester. Icons like Twiggy and Jean ‘The Shrimp’ Shrimpton showed of their stunning legs wearing these fashion tight productions. The brand incorporates the classic styles of the sixties into today’s fashion with the retro sheer, fishnets and bold and bright patterns hosiery.

Ladies, if you are looking for a way to add a little bit of spice this Valentine’s day, Jonathon Aston’s Vintage Legs collection of flirtatious hosiery is definitely a way to go.

As soon as I saw Jonathan Aston’s Seduction Set I immediately fell in love. The description truly fit…“unleash your inner sex kitten”. This immediately caught my attention, for obvious reasons! The Backseam Stockings made with lycra were incredibly soft to touch. I ALWAYS have issues with suspender belts, but even with my new “nails”, attaching them to the stockings was extremely easy!

How did it make me feel? Ultra sexy of course! The look is so chic and sexy and with a reinforced toe, I had confidence that I wouldn't get those annoying runs from the feet! The stockings were lush and had a wonderful feel against my skin. I couldn't stop touching them. They are a super sophisticated look and even though I could wear them to entice a potential significant other, this gorgeous collection can also be worn for work. They are available in Black in two sizes.

“Flaunt your legs in this glamourous Backseam Stockings and Suspender Belt, while oozing confidence and sophistication. Available in Black (RRP. £16.00)”

Now I have never owned a pair of “nude” hold ups before, so I was a bit worried when I saw them. I thought "hmmmm, I guess it could be sexy to certain men."  So I decided to give them a try. I loved the vintage style of these, again super soft to touch.

AND…they stayed up during my “shoot”! Most women I know always complain about this weird gravity conundrum of slipping down hold ups.

These Backseam and Heel Hold ups SCREAM sexy! They are a 50’s theme and you know what, after wearing them and taking a few pics, I started to see that I could work a pair of nude colour hold ups on these pins! The hold ups are available in black too. These timeless hold ups are the sexiest of hosiery, to be worn day and night on a romantic occasion. Available in Nude and Black (RRP. £11.00)

Now that’s your Valentine's Day and work day sorted! Thank me later 😉


Available at:

House of Fraser

John Lewis




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