Katherine Ryan’s Glitter Room Tour at G-Live: Me and Girl’s night out!

Katherine Ryan’s Glitter Room Tour at G-Live: Me and Girl’s night out!

Here Come the Girls

Last night my teenage baby asked me to join her to watch her “love of her life” at a show in Guildford.

We went to see Katherine Ryan. As I have spent most of the last few years living under a rock and then in Scotland I didn't know who she was. Forgive me, I spend most of the time behind the camera, typing or watching kids TVs with the two under 12s, I have no clue who is who anymore. So as you do, I just said sure. One of her friends had cancelled on her, and as you know being a mom, I had to make sure she got to see her favourite comedian.


Female empowerment! Single moms hear us roar! United colours of ….!

The best hour of my life started at 8:51pm at G-Live on Jan 20th 2018.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Katherine Ryan, a single mom, came on stage in the wildest outfit, the pink vagina pants. The bright and cute start brought the “Glitter Room” to life!  She made the audience roll with her homage to single parentdom. Being a single parent myself on and off for 16 years, I was doing the “hell yeah” “ you say it girl” when she was cracking jokes about the forgotten unpaid and sometimes less respected job of being a mom and dad combo.

Katherine, I was too far away and you didn't hear me but I had the pleasure of being a single mom from birth to child number two. He’s now 11 and I have had no interference from the “sperm’s” family or himself and it was a blessing in disguise.

I almost choked when Katherine told us about her way to deter bullies from messing with her daughter. The power of the Scarlet Letter. “I’ll suck your dad’s cock” OMG I was in tears thinking, that could really work in my neighbourhood. I can’t stand bullies …Don’t like cocks either but I would take one for the team! LOL

OH! and we all have a Jane. That Mom, who probably does drink “day” wine for breakfast, but seems to have it all in order at the school yard! BABY, I SO RELATE - said with a rolling neck ;). I was actually bullied by one of those kinds of moms in the past at my son’s school, shame I hadn't seen Katherine's show then, I would have gone for this mom’s hubby. #sorrynotsorry #gagreflex #damnit

I was now very interested in what this Queen Single Mom had to say.

Oh, so who is Katherine Ryan? She is a Canadian comedian and presenter, living in London. She has appeared on numerous tv panel shows like Mock the Week, Would I lie to you, and Taskmaster; which the first time I remembered seeing her, when asked to accompany my daughter. 

Funny, smart and independent woman.

Listening to her talk about men and how she doesn't need one in her life was quite uplifting. I am a great mom, but not such luck when it comes to the opposite sex. Katherine, a woman who has got to where she is on her own, with child in tow is very remarkable. For a few moments it made me feel like - what was I wasting my time looking for Mr. Right when I am already Ms. Right but not focused? As she spoke I started to mentally write a new game plan. 1. Get out of the ex’s house 2. Stop making excuses 3. You got this girl 4. Revenge body ? haha. You need to see her show to get that part 😉

I just left Scotland, not able to work properly in England, and bunking in back at the ex’s. Katherine just made those hurdles literally fall before me with her comical way of looking at the dilemmas of being a woman. Katherine just completed operation “Snap out of the January Blues”! _Thank you :*

Her show was full of energy and hilarious. The topics on parenting, immigration, womanhood, politics, current affairs and being a celebrity were perfectly on point. I don't want to give too much away, but personally I truly believe you have to see it for yourself.

My daughter was in tears of joy and sorrow, bless!  Sad that the show concluded but overwhelmed with happiness to have been able to see Katherine Ryan live. I could definitely understand after being there for that hour, why she really loved this amazing comedian so much. The show left us feeling liberated for sure! Katherine Ryan is my new heroine and I look forward to watching her more on TV now that I left the cave LOL.

Image Source: https://www.katherineryan.co.uk/gallery-2

When Can We See You Again Katherine Ryan?

I would love to see her again in fact I’d love to have her at one of my shoots 🙂  #wishfulthinking #annakendrick

If you didn't make it to the Guildford show, The Glitter Room Tour will be in Tunbridge Wells next. More dates found here:  https://www.katherineryan.co.uk/tour/

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