Kinky Fetish Luxurious Shoes: Stuart Thom and Ainsley-T

Kinky Fetish Luxurious Shoes: Stuart Thom and Ainsley-T

Stuart Thom and I met during a six degrees of separation process. His shoes were brought in for a photo shoot I held with The Wicked Jade and Miss England 11 from Instagram, who I met through working with The Twisted Lingerie brand… After a few months of messaging each other, I got to know this eccentric wonderful character and we met finally face to face in London. 

His shoes scream Kink and his personality is to match. Based in Milan, Stuart Thom is the creative director for the fetish label Ainsley-T. His creations bring shoes to another level of eroticism that you need to try yourself to appreciate. From butt plug heel boots and sexy gag sandals to luxuriously explicit bedroom slippers. His shoe designs add a flavour of obscene seductiveness to the wardrobe. Available for women and men and handmade to exquisite quality in Italy.

Where are you from and what do you do?
I am a British designer and I design shoes which embrace the erotic experience.
Image: Yemi King
What made you decide to design and make these shoes?
I was tired of living within the limitations of my inhibitions and wanted to break free of them.                 
Image: Yemi King

Where can we find your shoes?

Specialist retailers and orgies.
Who wears your shoes?
Stars, whores and other fuckers.
Can you use the butt plug?
Yes. I had my wife test it on me.
The Lick me Boots?
I did the lickmefuckme boots for a London club event, and wanted to show off something unique that I could be sure that no-one had seen before.
Describe your typical customer?
People who love to show off how much they enjoy sex.
Image: Yemi King – Models: The Wicked Jade/ Miss England 11

Famous Shoe wearers?

I’m told, Kate Moss!
What makes Ainsley-T shoes so different from other erotic provoking shoes?
Design and quality of manufacture.
Where did the name come from?
It’s mine!
Image: Yemi King – Model: The Wicked Jade
Where do your shoes fit in the fashion industry or is this just a personal achievement?
I make a part of the erotic experience tangible and wearable, but I am not a fashion designer.
Have you had any “haters”?
Not yet…
Feature image: Photographer: Andrew Cameron – Model: Kountess Von Kink

Ainsley-T Website

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