The Prince did it, now your turn! Tresor Paris Diamond Rings

The Prince did it, now your turn! Tresor Paris Diamond Rings

Other halves! Now that the Prince has taken the plunge and proposed to Meghan, you may want to get yourself prepared to do it to!


Diamond Bourse member, Hatton Garden based Tresor Paris, boasts generations of expertise in the diamond business.

Salim Hasbani, Diamond Specialist and Director at Tresor Paris has a few helpful ways to make a princess out of your significant other.

Do your homework

Check out the reputation and feedback on the jeweller supplying the diamond. Buying a diamond or any piece of jewellery should be an enjoyable experience, for engagement rings getting right is the icing on the cake before the wedding. Make sure you have a comeback if the style or the size doesn’t match your requirements and the jeweller is willing and able to prefect it. An engagement ring is personal emotional and for life, if you are making a surprise gauge what your partner may like or dislike. Finally we recommend your final decision is based on which stone or style calls to you as each diamond and piece of jewellery has a different character.


Tresor Paris offers multiple ways of  making sure you get this “once in a lifetime” opportunity as perfect as possible.

This includes A “Proposal” guide to assist you along the way and The “Guide of the 4Cs” – Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

The tradition for engagement rings may be that three months’ salary should be spent on a ring for their partner but I would say ignore the rules, it’s up to the individual and what they choose to spend. If they want to go all out – why not! If they can’t, then settle on a budget that suits. 

Exclusivity vs Trends

Trending rings on the market may be a great source of inspiration, but a unique ring especially formulated by the person who will be wearing it for a lifetime is a special opportunity. This piece of jewellery will be worn for a lifetime and is a symbol of great commitment, so choosing the perfect ring is especially important. The “Build Your Own” ring option at Tresor Paris makes it easy to create a unique ring online or in the Hatton Garden based boutique. In three detailed steps you can watch your design come to life. We specialise in producing beautiful rings that can be customised. Whether the budget is small or large, Tresor Paris can create a luxury ring for or following any proposal.

Lilian Lousky, Creative Director at Tresor Paris comments,”It’s wonderful that Diana’s Diamonds were used in this classic timeless 3 stone setting, it is a lovely gesture from Prince Harry that he and his future wife can feel the connection with the late princess.” 



If you really considering the title of  “partner of the year” and wanted to surprise the lovely finger with something similar to Meghan’s truly special ring.  Tresor Paris can also replicate the future princess’s ring (or other celebrities).  Tresor Paris does actually have similar designs available for sale.

The company is currently offering a worldwide guarantee on diamond prices as well as a free gift with all pre-booked diamond consultations to entice their customers.  More information can be found on their website.



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