What Kolour are you?

What Kolour are you?

What Kolour Are You?

What kind of lover would you say you were? Your favourite colour gives your “between the sheets” secrets away!

When trying to come up with the name to my blog I came across a page talking about the different sexual characterisics represented by colour. I found myself to be a mix of brown and orange! Take a look below and see which hue of the rainbow represents your preference of passion.







A complicated soul but wouldn’t say no if the opportunity was presented. A very accommodating partner and happy to fulfil their desires.


50 shades of Orange? Yes, fantasy seekers! Biting, pulling, lustful, passionate, hot amazingness. But reaching an orgasm doesn’t come easy. So let’s fake it!


Purple lovers are neat and tidy. Strict and to the point. Probably ones for standing up in case you crease the sheets!


A lover of red is a lover of power and control. A lover lover, keeping it super heated between the sheets. 

Likes to take the lead. Two red lovers get the extinguisher out. One partner? Get ready for the ride of your life!



Sex on the brain, all day everyday. Would rather have quality time though to make it memorable. But don’t make the mistake of saying the wrong thing as hot things can go ice cold in rocket speed. Bye Felicia!


If black is your partner’s favourite colour, then kink is in your horizon.


Images courtesy of Pinterest

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